Providing Custom Packaging & Printing Solutions for 15 years.

In search of New, Innovative Packaging?

Search no more...with over 15 years experience in the packaging industry, B. Moore Packing Solutions can provide you with the widest range of packaging and printing solutions that you require for your range of products. Keeping in mind that your packaging needs to be unique, it needs to appeal to a wide range of clientele and it needs to be cost effective.

Cardboard Box + Lid

Simple, cost effective packaging.

Add a label and you good to go.

Cardboard Soft Box

For a simple, eco friendly gifting solution, these boxes are amazing!

Cardboard Folded Box

Easy fold box, insert your product, fold box and go. Add a label to seal box.

Corrugated Cardboard

This is one of our unique and pretty cardboard packaging solutions.

Flat Pack Boxes

Storage savers - Order in bulk, keep in the store room and fold as you go. Cost effective solution.

Custom Wooden Boxes

Create a gift set, unique, beautiful and stylish - A gift that will be remembered.

Gift Box Solutions

Creating a product box serving the purpose as a gift box.

Custom Printed Boxes

Typically used in the jewellery industry to package high end and elegant pieces.

What are the 4 main purposes of packaging?

  • Product Identification

  • Product Protection

  • Convenience

  • Product Promotion

Branding & Signage

We also offer branding & signage solutions. From banners, gazebos, vehicles, billboards and building signs. Included are small items like printed mugs, pens, bags and apparel.